Study Artificial Intelligence

program aims to train individuals who can develop artificial intelligence techniques and tools, are capable of analyzing and producing solutions for problems that are required for data collection and interpretation. It is also aimed to train students with the ability to select, use and evaluate the analysis and development stages of software systems, using current technologies in the information sector and equip students with skills in software analysis and development. In this regard, it is aimed to enable Artificial Intelligence Engineering students to analyze data, be able to detect related problems and find appropriate solutions and implement thesis solutions by using the possibilities offered by artificial intelligence technologies. It aims to enable students by gaining knowledge, by working on the effective use of artificial intelligence engineering.


to enable students to gain interdisciplinary competence through a curriculum enriched by computer engineering, information systems engineering, and software engineering program courses. Students who will graduate from the Artificial Intelligence Engineering Program, will take the title of an “Artificial Intelligence Engineer” and will be able to be employed at all areas in the software and robotics sector.

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