American University of Cyprus (AUC)

The American University of Cyprus Campus offers you a colorful and reliable environment with its innovative and modern structure, from a large multicultural and friendly family with its constantly growing academic-administrative staff and students.

The main campus of the American University of Cyprus is located in the Surlariçi Arabahmet area, in the very center of the city of Nicosia, which is known as one of the most touristic places on the island. In the city of Nicosia, history has almost merged with modern construction.

During the academic year, students can benefit from arts events, exhibitions, music events, and a wide variety of social and academic activities held on campus. Most of these are held in Arabahmet Culture House, which is the cultural center of AUC. The traditional Spring Festival, where the social activities of the year reach their peak, is in May.

  1. Faculty of Fine Arts – Faculty of Fine Arts – American University of Cyprus (

The departments included are:

  • Architecture
  • Plastic Arts Plastic Arts
  1. Faculty of Business and Economics

The departments included are:

  • Tourism Management 
  • International Business Management
  1. Faculty of Political Science

The departments included are:

  • International Relations 
  • Political Science and Public Relations
  1. Faculty of Law – 

The departments included are: