1 Do I require a visa to enter North Cyprus?
Depending on your country, you may require a visa to enter any Turkish Territory (North Cyprus Inclusive), as stipulated by the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs Therefore, it is advisable to go through their website (link provided), and find out if your country is included for a visa or not. Also, check online for the location of the Turkish Embassy in your country to be able to visit them for first-hand information.
2 How should I proceed with my residency permit? Immigration Procedures (Student Residence Permit)
Those who will study at an undergraduate, graduate, master's or doctorate program at a higher education institution in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus are required to apply for a student residence permit. In order to start the immigration procedures, you must have an active student status. Update your personal information from your departmental desk at the Registrar's Office. Once the information has been updated, the data will be transferred to the online system of the TRNC Ministry of Internal Affairs within the same day. Then, start your registration procedures at the online immigration procedures section of the webpage of the TRNC Ministry of Internal Affairs. ( After accessing the TRNC Ministry of Internal Affairs' webpage, you need to click on "register now", fill in the requested information on the page that opens and complete the registration process. After the requested information has been completed, information regarding your user code and password will be sent to you via e-mail or telephone. In line with this information, you will be able to access the immigration page. After logging into the Immigration page, you must first approve your health report. If you have a health report, upload it to the system in PDF format. Health reports for students with Turkish nationality must be obtained from a fully-fledged state or university hospital (the validity period is 2 years.) Medical reports should include lung scopy or chest X-ray for tuberclosis and HCV-HIV-HBSAG-RPR examinations. (Reports are valid for 2 months from the date of receipt.) Students from 3rd countries will obtain their medical reports at the health institutions specified by the immigration system (valid for 1 year). After uploading the health reports to the system, the reports must be submitted to the relevant State Hospital. State hospital health reports unit will evaluate the uploaded health report and ensure the continuation of the process. The result of the laboratory examination will be approved over the single physician report fee specified in the Health Institutions Fee Schedule Regulation of the TRNC Ministry of Health. However, in cases where the Ministry requires additional examinations, students will pay the full fee according to the fee schedule set in the Health Institutions Fees Tariff Regulation. Students who do not have a health report will follow the procedures at the Student Permits Automation System in order to receive a health report. You will proceed to the next stage after the reports uploaded to the system are approved by the Ministry of Health. Information about the student permits that are ready will be sent to the phone number or e-mail address you specified during registration. Students who have completed their immigration procedures can obtain their residence permit from their own immigration procedures portal.
3 Will I get Health Insurance?
With the health insurance system, students’ health-related problems have been secured by the health insurance. University in North Cyprus, successfully produces prompt solutions for any health- related problem that our students may encounter. North Cyprus students were introduced with the new identity cards during the last academic year. With their new format containing health insurance possession chip, the new student ID cards have been admired by the students.