Bahçeşehir Cyprus University (BAU)

Bahçeşehir Cyprus University offers an educational environment where international students from different cultures and backgrounds come together. It aims to prepare its students for their future careers with its qualified academic staff who are experts in their fields.

Bahçeşehir Cyprus University is a member of the BAU Global Education Network. It raises global citizens who benefit the whole world and are committed to their values. Institutions in this network not only meet the standards set by the accreditation organizations in their home countries, but they also meet international standards related to the disciplines they offer.


Faculty of Architecture and Engineering

1. Architecture – Bachelor of Science (English)

2. Civil Engineering -Bachelor of Science (English)

3. Computer Engineering -Bachelor of Science (English)

4. Electrical and Electronic Engineering- Bachelor of Science (English)

5. Industrial Engineering -Bachelor of Science (English)

6. Software Engineering -Bachelor of Science (English)

Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences

1. Banking and Finance – Bachelor of Arts (English)

2. Business Administration – Bachelor of Arts (English)

3. Economics – Bachelor of Arts (English)

4. Management Information Systems – Bachelor of Science (English)

5. Psychology – Bachelor of Arts (English)

6. Political Sciences and International Relations – Bachelor of Arts (English)

7. Social Work (English)

Faculty of Educational Sciences

1. English Language Teaching – Bachelor of Science (Engilish)

2. Pedagogical Formation Certificate Program (Turkish)

Faculty of Law

1. Law – Bachelor of Law (English)


Faculty of Tourism

1. Gastronomy ve Culinary Arts – Bachelor of Arts (Engilish)

2. Gastronomi ve Mutfak Sanatları – Bachelor of Arts (Turkish)

3. Tourism and Hotel Management – Bachelor of Arts (Engilish)


Faculty of Pharmacy

1. Pharmacy- MPharm (English)


Faculty of Health Sciences

1.      Nursing- Bachelor of Arts (English)

2.      Nursing- Bachelor of Arts (Turkish)


Vocational School

1. Computer Programming – Associate Degree (English)

2. Business Management – Associate Degree (English)

3. Civil Aviation Cabin Services – Associate Degree (English)


Vocational School of Justice

1. Justice– Associate Degree (Turkish)


Vocational School of Health Sciences

Anesthesia  – Associate Degree (Turkish)

Audiometry – Associate Degree (Turkish)

3. First and Emergency Aid – Associate Degree (English)

4. First and Emergency Aid – Associate Degree (Türkçe)

5. Medical Documentation & Secretarial Services – Associate Degree (Turkish)

6. Perfusion Techniques  – Associate Degree (Turkish)


School of Foreign Languages

  1. English Preparatory School
  1. School of Modern Languages

Institute of Graduate Studies and Research

Master’s Degrees

1. Architecture – MA (English)

2. Blockchain Technologies – MA (English)

3. Business Administration – MBA (English)

4. Computer Engineering – MSc (English)

5. English Language Teaching – MA (English)

6. Healthcare Management – MA (English)

7. International & Comparative Law – LLM (English)

8. Management Information Systems – MSc (English)

9. Political Science and International Relations – MA (English)

10. Public Administration – MA (Türkçe)

PhD Degrees

1. Architecture – PhD (English)

2. Business Administration – PhD (English)

3. Computer Engineering – PhD

4. International & Comparative Law – PhD

5. Management Information Systems – PhD (English)

6. Political Science and International Relations – PhD (English)

7. Public Administration – PhD (Turkish)


Fees & Scholarship

Nursing and other Departments SCHOLARSHIP %50 $    3,100